Thursday Letter 12.05.22

Thursday Letter 12.05.22

Dear Parents,

Special class for children with complex needs and autism

We plan to open a special class in September 2022. Special classes are sanctioned in mainstream schools for students with a diagnosis of autism. Enrolment in a special class should only be considered where it has been demonstrated that a student requires more support than can be provided in a mainstream class. Some students, although academically able to access the curriculum in mainstream, may find it too difficult to manage full-time placement there due to behavioural or sensory needs.

In order to access a special class a student must have a report from a relevant professional or team of professionals (for example, psychologist, speech and language therapist, psychiatrist) stating that:

  1. He has a diagnosis of autism meeting DSM IV/V or ICD diagnostic criteria.
  2. The relevant professional recommends that the child attends a special class in a mainstream school.

A special class consists of a maximum of six children with one teacher and two special needs assistants. They will spend part of their school day in this more focused environment and part in their mainstream class. This is an exciting venture and we hope that it will make our school even more inclusive.

Coding – Term 3 funded by INTEL (Benevity)

I am happy to announce that the coding classes for fifth and sixth class will be covered by parents who work for INTEL. INTEL donate money towards the hours of volunteer work that their employers carry out during the year. The fee for this term is €3,250. This is normally paid by parents with 33.33% of the total cost covered by the PA.

Sports Day – Sunday 15th May at 2pm

We are expecting great weather for our Sports day on Sunday 15th May @ 2pm. This is always a great community event in our school calendar and this year should be no exception. Please bring your own drinks, snacks and your own potato and spoon. The cost is €10 per family- CASH ONLY- Please have exact money ready. Our fun-packed Sports Day includes a variety of races and competitions including the egg & spoon race, 60/80/100m races, three-legged race, sack race, tug of war competition, tiny tots race and the infamous fathers’ and mothers’ race! This year we will have some old school garden games to keep all the kids (and adults) entertained between races.

If you are available to help for 30 minutes during the day, please email your name, mobile number and child's school and class to

Bring your water and sunscreen as it is going to be a fantastic family day!

Thanks to all the parents involved with the Sports Day Committee for organising this event.

Sports Hall – Joint venture with the scouts – Guidance required from QS, engineer or architect

We are exploring all avenues regarding our new sports hall. As you know the sports den is located adjacent to our school and the scouts are considering a building upgrade. We have had discussions with the scouts to consider a joint venture. We could potentially have use of a new hall from 9am to 4pm and the scouts could use it after 4pm. We would like to talk to any parents who are qualified quantity surveyors (QS), engineers or architects. If you are qualified in any of these fields and would like to help then please contact us by email or phone.


Our Senior A Hurling team had a fantastic win over Belgrove BNS in St. Anne’s Park yesterday. The boys have won their first two games so far. Thanks to Mr. Clandillon, Mr. Shanahan, Mr. Keegan, Ms. Teehan and Ms. Ryan for all their help with the school hurling.

Best of luck to Viktor Adanikin and Colm Murphy from sixth class who have been selected to play at half time of the Dublin v Kilkenny game in Parnell Park this Saturday 14th May. This is a great honour for the boys who will wear the Dublin jersey and play against primary school boys from Kilkenny.


Well done to all the boys from fifth and sixth classes who took part in our golf outing to the Liffey Valley Par 3 course on Monday last. There were some magnificent skills on display. The boys who participated were Colm Murphy (Mr. Dineen), Aaron Donohue, Paddy McGonigle and Matthew Melinn (Mr. Clandillon), Jesse Byrne, Ollie Ryan-Grehan and Harry Walsh (Ms. Hennessy), Johnny Donovan, Aaron Farrell and Sam Wright (Ms. Murray) and James Dillon and Rhys Henry (Ms. Kenrick). We'd like to thank Liffey Valley for hosting this competition. Thanks to Mr. Keegan, Mr. Dineen and Mr. Lynch for organising this event.


I am happy to report that we have been inundated with photos which can be found on our Facebook page of all the boys completing their chores. Please encourage your son to help out at home and reward him with 50c or €1 for every job or chore that he completes. The Bob-a-Job sponsorship card was emailed to all parents last week. The boys can make their own sponsorship cards at home if you do not have a printer.

We are keen to receive photos of the boys carrying out their chores at home. Please send your photos to

We have three dependable men who are more than happy to clean the front of any house and they are Dylan Flattery (Ms. Brennan’s Senior Infants), Gokturk Unverdi (Ms. Copley’s first class) and Finn Crawford (Ms. Whitney’s fourth class). Morgan O’Brien (Ms. Kenrick’s fifth class) is another man for such a job but he specialises in cleaning cherry blossom petals which is a niche market. Jimmy Stagg from Stagg’s Bike Shop in Lucan Village might be out of a job soon when he hears about Sean Moles (Ms. Maguire’s Junior Infants) talent with fixing bikes.

Dyson hoovers would be more than happy to sponsor Shayne Khadun (Ms. Russell’s Junior Infants), Daniel Wallace (Ms. Murray’s fifth class), Leon Lynch (Ms. Hunston’s fourth class), Ayan Malik (Ms. Copley’s First Class) and Rian Twomey (Ms Russell’s Junior Infants). They make short work of hoovering their homes. I can see Cillian Meehan (Ms. Copley’s first class) and Ben Plunkett (Ms. Hunston’s fourth class) working for the Ferarri, Williams or Red Bull team at the Formula 1 pits in the future. They just love cleaning cars. If you’re looking for a night out and need a babysitter then Pearce O’Connor (Ms. Staunton’s second class) and Charlie Gavan (Ms. Russell’s Junior Infants) are who you want. They are very responsible and your baby will be in good hands.

If Diarmaid Gavin needs any help at the Chelsea Flower Show we have three reliable men with green fingers. Conor Higgins (Ms. Dononvan’s third class) likes potting, pruning and sweeping in the garden. Thomas Binil (Mr. Shanahan’s third class), Daniel McDonnell (Ms. Copley’s first class) could fix the garden trellis and Joel Soji (Ms. Russell’s Junior Infants), Alex Doyle (Ms. Russell’s Junior Infants), and Lukas Koncevicius (Ms. Ward’s Senior Infants) all enjoy watering the plants. Bradley Blake (Ms. Russell’s Junior Infants) and Callum O’Neill (Mr. Clandillon’s sixth class) would be a great help clearing up afterwards with their fantastic tidying skills.

If you’re interested in fine dining then Arthur Martins (Ms. Friel’s Senior Infants) and Martin O’Connell (Ms. Brennan’s Senior Infants) pull out all the stops when they set the table for the tasty dinner prepared by Jensen Joji (Ms. Brennan’s Senior Infants). Marcus McCracken (Ms. Staunton’s second class) is cooking up a storm and likes to cook some delicious salmon and asparagus pasta. You might as well treat yourself to some nice sponge cake for dessert baked by Max D’Alba (Ms. Hunston’s fourth class) after your pasta.

We have a number of reliable guys who are happy to wash dishes by hand or use the dishwasher. Adam Hosback (Ms. Copley’s first class), Rayan Imran (Ms. Brennan’s Senior Infants), Nathan Pynadath (Ms. Ward’s Senior Infants) Jack Doyle (Ms Donovan’s 3rd class), Matthew McDonagh (Ms. Hunston’s fourth class), Max O’Neill (Ms. Whitney’s fourth class) and Michael Twomey (Ms. Copley’s first class) would be happy to help.

Well done to the three Kent brothers who got stuck in over the weekend and helped their father. Alan Kent (Ms Walsh’s second class), Ted Kent (Ms Friel’s Senior Infants) and Daniel Kent (Ms Russell’s Junior Infants) helped their Dad with some painting around the house.

Luke Monaghan (Ms. Russell’s Junior Infants) and Bozo Dugandzic (Ms. Russell’s Junior Infants) are great men to have around the house on cleaning and laundry day.

John Staunton (Ms Quinn’s first class) likes to make his mother a well-deserved coffee and helps to push the trolley in Woodies and then helps with the planting.

Eoghan Ware (Ms Donovan’s third class) likes to treat his dogs to some well-earned food after he takes them for a walk in the evening time.

Le dea-ghuí,

Dara Burke, Principal.

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